Climate of Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur city is situated at the base of the Mulliangiri range of hills.At an elevation of approximately 1090 m above mean sea level, its temperature can range anywhere between 22 °C  to 35 °C  during summer and 7 °C  to 20 °C  during winter. Hence, the climate is moderately cool throughout the year, making it favorable for tourists to visit the beautiful places around it.

Rainfall is the highest between the months of June and September, with an average rainfall of 150 mm, with peak rainfall in July, being 226 mm. Rainfall is the lowest during the month of January with an average of 2 mm.

These conditions make it possible for tropical forests to grow here, keeping greenery throughout the year.


Because of these conditions, the district itself has several hill stations. Along with these, there are several naturally occurring beautiful landscapes. The city is also surrounded by numerous green coffee plantations, which on their own are a pleasant sight for sore eyes.



The right balance of urban and rural within the city, and the friendliness of the regional people, with exquisite hospitality, and natural beauty, makes Chikmagalur a green gem in India. Hence, the Chikmagalur city is the best place to stay while visiting these places. We have listed the best homestays in Chikmagalur for you, so that your visit here is comfortable.

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